About US

iTech Drives is your one-stop-shop for all the IT hardware you need to augment your business and leapfrog the competition. We use our technical expertise and experience to source the most robust and reliable hardware products. Our clients all over the world trust us to provide them equipment that delivers peak performance for a long time.

Who we are

iTech drives was founded by IT hardware domain experts who realized that they could provide better services and deals for customers than what was available in the market. What sets up apart is our commitment to product quality and customer service. We know that simply selling cheap products may be a profitable way to do business, but it is neither sustainable nor ambitious. Instead, we chose to start a company that focused on the long term.
When we get a new client, our focus is not on making the biggest sale we can – our focus is on delivering the highest quality products and customer service, so the client keeps coming back to us again and again. This commitment to long-term customer relationships allows us to serve businesses that want to ensure business continuity and the easy availability of the devices needed for their business processes.

What we do

We have a global network of product suppliers who know the level of quality and dependability we need in a product. We act as curators, selecting the highest quality products and the best deals we can find for our customers. We bring these products to our customers and provide unparalleled after sales service.
We started out as hard disk suppliers but have now diversified and supply computers, computer parts, network devices, storage solutions, cameras, and much more. We offer many different products on our website.
We also offer to act as service providers, where we develop a long-term relationship and deliver the equipment whenever it is needed. We also fulfill large custom orders – if you need supplies in bulk to power your business, let us know your requirements and sit back and relax as we deliver you the best products at the best price possible.