ITech Drives (ITECH) provides services in IT solutions and hardware products. Our goal is to provide the best services in upgrading computer memory, supporting a large and diverse computer hardware product database that includes hard drives, computer memory, power supplies, CPU and other products and Accessories for major brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Cisco, Compaq, IBM, Epson, Hitachi and others.
We serve the needs of our customers around the world to help our clients optimize their business. We do this by providing products and services that can lead to greater productivity in the newer machines and extend the life of the older ones instead of discarding them.
We value our customers by offering the best prices from our suppliers and manufacturers without compromising the quality of the product. We give our customers the confidence to buy from us, so they know all products advertised on our website, iTechdrives, have been accurately described and categorized. In addition, our products go through extensive tests before they are sent. Perfection is what we look for in our services, since we do not settle until our customers and our customers are completely satisfied with the delivery of the product.


Electronic devices simplify life, but to take full advantage of available technology, it is also important to choose the best hardware to increase the efficiency of your system. Here, on iTechdrives we offer you the best options to choose from.


ITECH welcomes international orders. We ship worldwide and we have different charges depending on the location and size of the product.
ITECH wants its customers to have a good experience when buying products, so it offers the facility of not charging its customers any handling fees. However, any customs duty imposed by the customs office of your country would be your responsibility. We strongly believe in sending the items on time, but certain scenarios can lead to the delay of delivery. Customers who buy on a regular basis, can make use of the facilities to place orders without any hindrance / delay.
We appreciate the provision of services to our international clients, but certain scenarios lead to the verification that the holder of the international card is limited outside the country of origin.


Because we receive a high degree of fraudulent credit cards from international customers, we must reserve the right to restrict, delay or even cancel any credit card purchase billed or sent to foreign addresses. For the payment mode to be secure, we can request that you pay through our PayPal account or bank transfer. Our PayPal services are open to all customers, regardless of their location in the world, and they can use the service easily. You can pay us in ... This mode of payment would facilitate the verification without delay. We even offer our customers other means to pay us, which include American Express, Visa or MasterCard, although these cards can take up to 7 business days to be verified.



Our hardware products are sent to our customers after extensive testing to ensure the best hardware and IT solutions for our customers. Our hardware products give you the opportunity to select from our revised product database based on the review of our loyal customer community. These hardware products can serve to optimize the efficiency of your device while extending the life of your older devices and, at the same time, also giving you the opportunity to accelerate the productivity of your newer machines.
  • Accessories and batteries.
  • Cables and Adapters.
  • Motherboards.
  • Power Supplies.
  • Memory.
  • Audio and Video.
  • PC, Servers and Software.
  • Storage Devices.
  • CPUs and Processors.
  • Networking Devices.
  • Printers and Scanners.
You can check the subcategories of each of the categories mentioned above on iTechdrives.com today to see which hardware product best suits the needs of your device.


Today's business world demand software solutions that can range from the creation of completely new systems or the modification of existing ones. Working as a team, we can help you find the best IT solutions, since our team assumes the responsibility of providing you:
  • IT Infrastructure Setup.
  • Surveillance.
  • IT Security.
  • IT Auditing.
  • Unified Communication.